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AUPTPC Services

AUPTPC is a branch of ACAL Analytical Chemistry Unit accredited by A2LA, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation according to ISO 17025 standards. AUPTPC is under accreditation to ISO 17043 standard.

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AUPTPC offers various, personalized services to laboratories which are involved in chemical analysis:

  • PROFICIENCY TESTING SCHEMES: AUPTPC offers a wide range of schemes in water and environment. To ensure a high quality service, AUPTPC conducts in-house all processes: set-up of PT schemes, manufacture and shipment of samples, and perform statistical analyses.
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  • EXTERNAL REFERENCE MATERIAL: AUPTPC offers to its members, External Reference Material, which covers a wide range of parameters at attractive prices.
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  • GET YOUR OWN PTS : According to your request, AUPTPC can organize personalized proficiency testing schemes, ring tests, validation tests protocols (support to standardization). We can also provide series of homogeneous samples on a wide range of matrixes and perform statistical analyses. Please do not hesitate to contact directly the Manager of AUPTPC with your questions or comments: Nagwa Abo El-Maali