AUPTPC is a Representative Distributor for Absolutestandards, Inc, USA. Congratulations Accriditation

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AUPTPC Mission

AUPTPC offers regular proficiency testing schemes. Thus, the evaluation of the accuracy of test results on a long-term basis is an important mission for AUPTPC which is why we offer annual series composed by regular rounds/trials. In fact, a systematic bias or drift of your test results is highlighted through long-term observation.

AUPTPC uses all its expertise in the manufacture of your samples. Frequent homogeneity controls are made in order to ensure the best quality, besides AUPTPC is a Representative Distributor for Absolute standards, Inc. USA.

AUPTPC offers a high quality service in the organization of proficiency testing programs. It manages in-house every step of the ring trial: we set-up test, manufacture and ship samples, undergo statistical treatment…

AUPTPC has developed an extensive logistic expertise in packaging and transport solutions in order to receive samples in good condition. We guarantee an optimal monitoring of our shipments through a strict traceability system.

Statistical treatment of AUPTPC evaluates the performance of a laboratory based on the assigned value with a fixed tolerance. The Z-score is also provided.

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In addition, AUPTPC contributes to scientific progress in standardized and applied research.

Services provided by AUPTPC will allow you to:

  • Evaluate the accuracy of your results,
  • Control and improve the performance of your analysis at short, medium and long-term basis,
  • Check the functioning of your equipment as well as the technical skills of your staff,
  • Be up-to-date with the requirements of Quality standards,
  • Reassure your stakeholders about the quality and the safety of your products,
  • Promote your analytical performance to your customers.